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100.000 USERSSPACE ERC-721 NFT54 COUNTRIESNFTARTAPPS300,000 SPACESAR, XRCreate interactive AR/MR/XR scenesin real-time using the platform API

Spheroid Universe is a Platform for developing Extended
Reality projects. The technological basis of the Platform
is the Spheroid XR Cloud and the Spheroid Script
programming language designed for
AR/XR creation.


Spheroid script

A cross-platform programming language developed to speed up and reduce the cost of developing AR/XR applications. Spheroid Script is high-performance and energy-efficient, which is fundamentally important for mobile devices. Being an XR-oriented language, it allows to implement XR products with less code and to run applications written in it on different platforms like Android and iOS.

spheroid demiurge ide

Cloud-based integrated development environment for programmers and designers who work together on AR/XR projects. Demiurge IDE allows to create digital worlds, fill, and animate them. It offers real-time log streaming and debug data from a device to the IDE, fast Spheroid Script compilation and instant App deployment feature.


The social, humanistic basis of the Spheroid Universe
ecosystem is formed by the concept of Space NFT - the
basic element of the ecosystem that connects
XR, AI and User’s Personal Activity.

Each Space accumulates Value similarly to a Social
Media Account, but, unlike it, a Space belongs to
Platform Users, rather than Centralized IT
Corporations that own accounts and
monetize user data.

space nft


The world of Spheroid Universe is the world of planet Earth’s Extended Reality that is parceled out into plots called Spaces NFT (ERC-721). Each Space may be filled with advertising, entertainment, visual references, and other content. The Space owner is the one who monetizes it.

XR Advertising

XR advertising is one of the most promising Space monetization opportunities. Spheroid Universe is a vast new advertising market, where the main share of ad profits is received by Space owners, not an IT corporation. It’s a world where advertising is not a boring billboard, text or video clip, but a work of art. Vivid, vibrant and fascinating.


Acquire a promising Space in the center of London, Paris, or New York. Monetize and trade your Spaces. Over 470,000 Spaces in 54 countries are already owned by platform users.

scheduled Q4 2021


Spheroid.Earth is a community-based project for creating a digital copy of Earth. Photo data collected by users are processed using AI and computer vision methods to form a digital 3D map of the surroundings, which is linked to Spaces NFT.

People's motivation is ensured by recording their contribution to the work and transferring the digitized Spaces NFT – puzzle pieces of the future digital Earth image – into their ownership. People around the world will be able to join this grandiose project and invest efforts in bringing the augmented reality era closer, becoming its co-creators. The project will allow to form a new class of property owners and a new source of revenue for people around the world.

Spheroid Universe has opened
up access to the stunning XR
NFT world of Planeta Nostra

Follow our updates, collect NFTs and participate in P2E events on.

XR Hub
is a AR/XR SuperApp:

XR Hub
is a AR/XR SuperApp:

It can run other applications within itself. These applications may be created by independent developers. Apps that run within the XR Hub can function independently or expand the functions and capabilities of the XR Hub itself, offering its users their own services and products.



The AR app, designed to showcase public art projects at the Vancouver Biennale, is being tested for the first time on the Voxel Bridge project in July 2021. Here are some of Spheroid Universe's groundbreaking technological breakthroughs that this app demonstrates:

  • Uses neural networks (AI) to position AR objects in the real world.
  • Displays new blocks created in the Kusama blockchain in AR in real time.
  • Spheroid.Earth visual positioning system improves the accuracy of GPS and compass data for more accurate positioning of AR objects in the real world.

The challenges of artists to the scope of our technology
encourage us to solve problems that have never been
posed or solved before.

For us, the art sphere is a laboratory of active creative
collaboration, where images of the future are born
and realized. We participate and sponsor
large-scale AR/XR contemporary
art projects.


Voxel Bridge is a true milestone in contemporary artists' exploration of the expansion of human habitat to extended reality (AR/XR).

To complete the fusion of the real and digital worlds into a coherent installation that appeals both to the senses and the intellect, artist Jessica Angel uses AR technologies, visualizing digital processes inside the Kusama blockchain at the very moment when the viewer sees the installation from the inside.

The Voxel Bridge project is not “about" blockchain: the artist created a direct projection of the blockchain and uses live blockchain data as a creative tool. She visualizes an abstract technical concept for people to see it, learn about it and experience it in real time.

This is the exact mandate of the Vancouver Biennale: to engage art as a catalyst for learning.

A giant unimaginable object exists simultaneously and integrally in three worlds – in the real world (go under the Cambie Bridge in Vancouver), in augmented reality (look in the AR app) and in blockchain (match the emerging virtual cubes with the numbers that you see in AR under the bridge with the blocks generated on your desktop). Once you interact with it, you will realize that it is a revolutionary confirmation of the premise that blockchain and art can change the way we interact with the world.

AR / XR solutions developed
and powered
by Spheroid Universe


Kusama is a scalable network of specialized blockchains built using Substrate. Kusama network uses Spheroid Universe XR Cloud to provide a sensory journey through the Kusama Network at Vancouver Biennale | Voxel Bridge Artwork.

Virtual art and technology expo exploring digital art and the newest technologies shifting the art world.

An international organization designed to foster collaboration between innovative companies and brands, creating new contacts in the VR/AR ecosystem. Spheroid Universe is now a member of the VRARA.

An industry consortium, which Spheroid Universe joined as a member, develops open programming interface (API) standards for creating and rendering dynamic graphics, including such standards as glTF, OpenGL, WebGL and OpenXR.

The Vancouver Biennale is a non-profit charitable organization that exhibits great art in public space, creating a catalyst for learning, community engagement, dialogue, and social action.

World leader in the development of programming solutions for the gambling industry.

Launched in 2017, CADAF is a digital art marketplace. CADAF caters to artists, curators, collectors, Web3 curious and art market professionals around the world.

MetaLetters - a creator-centric and community-forward project, powered by Metaversal, with the goal of providing exposure, funding, and confidence to any creator who is curious to engage with Web3.